The Nutcracker and the Mouse King play poster with gifts.


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An original play based on the fairytale we all know and love! With a downloadable and printable script and a certificate of performance rights, this isn’t much to pay for your school performance this year!

Please note, paying just 0.00 will only get you the permissions certificate.

It is the year 1841 and Lord Pyotr Stahlbaum, a self proclaimed millionaire of military roots, is all set to marry off his 16 year old daughter Clara to a desirable suitor. He has hatched a plan to combine the Stahlbaum family’s annual Christmas ball with Clara’s debutante and has invited eligible bachelors from all over the land to fight for her hand in marriage. Too bad all Clara wants to do is play dolls with her sister Louise. But, she must play the part and aims to please her Father by dancing with her suitors. Thankfully, her godfather Theodor Drosselmeyer, a toymaker and work associate of Pyotr’s, arrives with a gift – a beautifully handcrafted nutcracker doll. Clara instantly falls in love with the doll and is devastated when her younger brother Fritz breaks the nutcracker’s arm! Clara patches it up the best she can, but can’t stop herself returning at midnight to visit her dear nutcracker. She is shocked to find that he has transformed into the fully sized Prince Nikolaus and is being attacked by three foul man-sized rats! Nikolaus chases them away – and Clara faints from the stress. Determined to prove that it wasn’t a dream, Clara returns the following night and finds Nikolaus waiting for her. He tells her about the war in his land and Clara agrees to help him fight against the evil Mouse King Mysha and save his beautiful country once and for all. She even finds herself falling in love with Nikolaus along the way… A beautiful tale of adventure and love, seasonally styled to be a Christmas sensation! MIN CAST 14, MAX CAST 27

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Last Update: 7th February 2022
Released: 4th February 2022