Sherlock Holmes play adaptation poster by Millie Hardy-Sims.


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An original play based on the novels we all know and love! With a downloadable and printable script and a certificate of performance rights, this isn’t much to pay for your school performance this year!

Please note, paying just 0.00 will only get you the permissions certificate.

Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s inspired creation, this play is designed for a large cast of amateur dramatics. Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective to ever live, and along with Dr Watson, England can rest easy knowing even the most complex of cases will be solved. However, when a mysterious foe comes onto the scene, Professor J. Moriarty, Sherlock seems to have met his match. Taking inspiration from several of Holmes’ most famous cases, this play in two acts with many short scenes is a greatest hits of everyone’s favourite detective duo.

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Last Update: 7th February 2022
Released: 4th February 2022