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This is from a series of posters I made for revision of the characters in Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers. They each display quotes and comments that would be useful to revise for the GCSE exam. This poster is of The Narrator.

A5 prints make for really good individual student booklets, while producing A4 versions is ideal for general class use. If you’re wanting to display them, they look really good in A3.

As well as display, they can be given as a task for students to build on the quotes, linking each one to specific themes in the play and/or explaining why the trait of the character is significant. Another common use is to inspire students to make their own for other characters.

Characters available are Mickey; Mrs Johnstone; Mrs Lyons; Sammy; The Narrator; Linda and Edward.

Please note I also sell similar posters for An Inspector Calls; Romeo & Juliet; Macbeth; A Christmas Carol; Frankenstein; The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. These are not yet uploaded as I am new to the site and waiting to see how it goes.

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Last Update: 25th January 2023
Released: 25th January 2023