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AQA GCSE Psychology, Psychological Problems (3-2)


Paper 2 Social Context and behaviour: Psychological Problems (3.2.4)


PPT Covers:

1.  What is mental health?

2.  What are the effects of mental health problems?

3.  What is depression?

4.  What are the causes and treatments for depression?

5.   Key Study: Wiles (2013)

6.  What is addiction?

7.  What are the causes and treatments for addiction?

8.  Key Study: Kaij (1960)



Extensive coverage of the module on a PPT display (115 slides)


 PPT include on-slide exercises, exam style questions to supplement understanding and activities to encourage thinking and learning.

At the end of each section are examination style questions. These can be used for class discussion, class work or homework (NB. Have not placed values as this depends on how you use the questions).

The information (simply and clearly explained) is in the main designed to supplement their textbooks. This enables the student to expand their knowledge and answers whilst doing independent learning.


Complete coverage of the whole module, just ‘pick up a

module’ and go… suitable for both new and experienced




You are welcome to amend, expand or reduce the display to suit your needs.


Copying this resource for sharing or personal profit, is against copyright: amac-edu 2021©


Producing this class tested resource was hard work, but we are pleased with it. SO, IF YOU PURCHASE, CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK IS REALLY APPRECIATED…. So, it can be improved (you automatically get notified of free updates once purchased) Thanks



 Andy Mac, Chartered Psychologist, experienced teacher, and publisher.


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