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‘Airports and Airplanes’ Teaching Pack, includes a fully resourced, step-by-step multisensory story, mini ‘Brief History of Flight’ sensory story plus themed, activities for sensory learners of all ages.

‘This is a story about travel, airports, and planes
Luggage, security, gates, and runways
The feelings on my senses, smell, hearing, touch, taste, sight
In the airport building, and when I’m on my flight’

Join our character as s/he experiences the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of the airport from the check-in desk to landing!


The benefits of multisensory storytelling
Story delivery ideas
Skills promoted in this teaching pack
How to tell a multisensory story
Use sound effects in sensory storytelling
Story props checklist
Airports and Airplanes a fully resourced, step-by-step multisensory story
Sunflower ice activity
Plasticine sunflowers
Pompom sunflowers
Sunflower head printing
Sensory paint
Seascapes and clouds
3D landscape
Airplane vapour trails art activity
Airplanes on the runway art activity
Cloud dough recipe
Chickpea cloud dough recipe
The sounds of the airport and airplane
The smells of the airport and airplane
The tastes of the airport and airplane
The textures of the airport and airplane
Flight sensory bag
Life skills: pack a holiday suitcase
Role play
Re-create a virtual flight
The perfumery
‘A Brief history of Flying’ mini sensory story
Promoting literacy skills

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Last Update: 25th February 2024
Released: 25th February 2024