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A4 full-colour stimuli, ideal for students who have finished set class work or for giving as creative writing homework.

Includes a teachers book.

Encourages task engagement for creative writing, including planning with the use of striking character visuals, interesting settings & plot suggestions with a series of questions to guide & support students, while also helping them develop fiction writing skills.

Great to use with the ‘Building a Narrative’ guide.

Teachers have the choice to give students a single creative starter, from a collection of six (6) to enable focus. For students who can cope with choice there are two packs with three (3) starters to choose from.

Things for students to think about as they work through the tasks

Six dramatic, colourful characters & settings with a series of guiding questions to provide stimulus for creative writing

Copies of the storyboards, useful for visual learners undertaking extended writing.

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Last Update: 14th June 2023
Released: 11th June 2023