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This resource is comprised of a 32 slide Powerpoint with four lessons on Scene One from Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire.

The resource is aimed at A Level English Literature, but could also be used as a starting point for English Language and Literature.

The slides cover:

  • Contextual background to New Orleans at the time the play is set
  • Discussion of the epigraph (Hart Crane’s ‘The Broken Tower’)
  • Guided close analysis of key sections of the text with reference to key terminology, e.g. ‘motif’ and ‘in media res’
  • Teaching questions for each section of the first scene
  • Learning objective slides and homework tasks for each lesson

This resource will stretch and challenge more confident students and support those less confident.

It was not created with any particular exam board in mind so can be used with any specification.

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Last Update: 11th April 2024
Released: 11th April 2024