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This bundle comprises fifteen poetry PowerPoints based on the poems from the Edexcel Belonging Cluster: ‘To My Sister’; ‘Sunday Dip’; ‘Mild the Mist Upon the Hill’; ‘Captain Cook (To My Brother)’; ‘Clear and Gentle Stream’; ‘I Remember, I Remember’; ‘Island Man’; ‘We Refugees’; ‘Peckham Rye Lane’; ‘Us’; ‘In Wales, wanting to be Italian’; ‘Kumukanda’; ‘Jamaican British’; ‘My Mother’s Kitchen’; and ‘The Émigrée’.

Each PowerPoint contains the following:

A starter discussion activity
Contextual information
Form and structural information
Detailed annotated questions which incorporate a challenging range of poetic terminology
Consolidation questions
An optional additional lesson guiding students through an exemplar examination question

These lessons will challenge and engage your students, including the most able.

A lesson plan is included for every poem, which includes differentiation suggestions.

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Last Update: 10th July 2024
Released: 10th July 2024