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A 10 lesson unit comprising of a 61 slide PowerPoint, 9 different worksheets exploring the topic of Language and Region (UK) and a summary terminology and theory sheet.

Each lesson includes a starting discussion prompt which acts as a learning objective, detailed notes on the theories and concepts listed below, a worksheet (with the exception of lesson nine) and activities, and a homework task. The following theories and concepts are covered:

  • MLE & MBE
  • Howard Giles’ Matched Guise Study (1970)
  • Queen Mary University & The University of York Accent Bias Study (2020)
  • David Rosewarne – Estuary English (1984)
  • Peter Trudgill – Norwich Study (1972)
  • Overt and covert prestige
  • Paul Kerswill – Dialect Levelling (1999)
  • Watt and Gunn (HSBC) – The sound of 2066 (2016)
  • Howard Giles – Capital punishment study (1973)
  • Dixon, Mahoney and Cocks – Accents of Guilt (2002)
  • Rob Drummond – MLE, MUBE and MBE (2016)
  • Amanda Cole – SSBE and research into MLE, RP and SSBE in London (2023)
  • Isogloss
  • General Northern English and the research of Strycharczuk, López-Ibáñez, Brown and Leemann (2020)
  • Urban West Yorkshire English (UWYE)

There are some references to AQA-style A Level specification questions, but you can adapt these if needs be. These can be found on slides 13, 37-38 and 51-58. Lesson 9 is based on an AQA A Level question.

This unit does not cover World Englishes and only touches briefly on Language and Ethnicity through references to MLE and MBE.

The final lesson is a consolidation activity complete with guided revision cards. Alternatively, you could use an app such as Quizlet so that the students could produce digital revision resources.

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