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Of course, we at Lesson Planned believe that any website that gives teachers 80% commission and free accounts is the best website for teachers, but in case you want an unbiased opinion, here’s a list of websites compiled by Rebecca Morrissey, a full-time primary school teacher in Ireland, blogger and creator of teaching resources: 

I am regularly asked for recommendations on different teaching resources, online training, online job application sites and links available to teachers. As a teacher myself, I’m always on the look out for new interactive, engaging sites or resources to use in my classroom.

As a result I’ve put together a list of recommended teaching resources and links that I’ve either personally used (in most cases) or which have come highly recommended to me by people I trust and work with.

I will add to these lists as I come across new resources or links that I enjoy, so don’t forget to check back often for new material.


Hit the Button– my absolute FAVOURITE game for practicing the Times Tables in a fun, interactive way! It also has a section for number bonds, doubling & halving and division facts. It’s a big hit in my classroom.

Nrich– a fantastic website, with fully prepared, “out of the box” mathematical investigations. These activities really encourage the children to think, work together and boost their problem solving skills. A big thumbs up from me!

White Rose Maths– I couldn’t but hear about White Rose Maths through social media and through word of mouth. I had to check it out! This website offers an approach which fosters higher order thinking in Mathematics. What I like about this approach, is that it takes into account that all children have different starting points in different topics in Maths and allows all children to make progress.

Toy Shop Money Game– an excellent game for revising and familairsing children with money. The site allows you to change the currency too, depending on where you teach. This game challenges children to select the correct coins to make certain amounts, as well as giving change. I just love how easy it is to use really!

Topmarks– I’ve referenced two games from this site already above, but this site is jam packed with lots of wonderful, interactive games that can suit a range of Maths topics. Check it out!

Mangahigh– What a website! This site allows you to create log ins for all your students, set homework/classwork/challenges and children can also compete against other children across the globe. The activities really work well in connection to the areas you’re covering in Maths and the children LOVED it! It also provides you with an analysis of how your children are doing, meaning you know which areas they need support with. A very useful and informative site for teachers in terms of activities and assessment!

Times Tables Rockstars– This site allows practice of Times Tables in paper form or online. Times Tables Rock Stars is a carefully sequenced program of daily times tables practice to boost the children’s recall speed. Each week concentrates on a different times table, meaning their knowledge of the Times Tables is constantly progressing. The website offers a free trial, so get over there and give it a go!


The Literacy Shed Blog– If you follow my blog posts or Instagram, you’ll know how valuable I think this resource is. This blog is one of the most ‘content rich’ blogs, in terms of English, that I’ve come across. Using the Reading Vipers has truly changed my children’s comprehension skills for the better. It’s an approach that’s colorful, creative and most importantly- PURPOSEFUL! Cannot recommend this site enough for its ideas, thought-provoking clips and teaching techniques!

Vocabulary Ninja– Another fabulous, fabulous site which focuses on the teaching of vocabulary. The site is equipped with vocabulary packs for different topics, along with my favourite- Word of the Day. The advance of the technological world is fantastic, but it’s seeing an impact on the lack of vocabulary our children know. With this fun resource, children can be exposed to rich vocabulary and their vocabulary bank will broaden as a result.

Talk4Writing– This has been an absolute God-send for our writing this year. The technique of encouraging children to TALK before they write seems so simple, but my oh my, the results are outstanding. We were not fortunate enough to receive training on T4W due to tight budgets, but we did buy the book and used the website’s free resources where possible! If you’re looking to change up how your children write in school, then T4W is the way forward!

Phonics Play– I have been a teacher in the upper school for the last number of years, but while on placement, this website was my go to! It has a wealth of resources from lesson plans to interactive games. It promotes the “Revise, Teach, Learn, Apply” technique, which I always found successful for children retaining phonics.



Tig Tag– This is a lovely site that aim to support teachers in teaching outstanding Science (and Geography) lessons, that brings the subject to life. The site has a wealth of film clips, resources and plans to aid you in making your Science lessons the most effective.

STEM– If you haven’t heard of STEM, then you must be living under a rock. Anytime I search for engaging science resources online, the word ‘STEM’ jumps out at me from the search results. STEM aims to get children INVOLVED in every part of their science lesson. “From enrichment activities to finding volunteers, find out how STEM Learning can support you.”

Science Sparks– Looking for inspiration in science experiments? This site contains numerous different experiments to compliment your science topic. They even have a search bar, stating “what are you looking for?” to bring you to the experiment that’ll suit your lesson best. They believe: “Science based activities offer endless creative learning opportunities and are a great way to spend time with your children. We’ve had some of our best chats while drawing on filter paper and making patterns in milk.”


Best Teacher Blogs

The Literacy Shed Blog – Cannot recommend this site enough for its ideas, thought-provoking clips and teaching techniques!

The Training Space – A great blog filled with fantastic ideas in teaching and planning English.

Irish Primary Teacher – THE blog to follow if you teach/are training to teach in Ireland. Super informative in many areas from lessons, to “the goings on” in Irish Education, to applying for jobs in Ireland. Truly, a great blog to follow!

The Teaching Booth – My reference point for all things ‘Whole Class Guided Reading’. I have this blog to thank for making the switch from Guided Reading Carousel.

Whizz Pop Bang – a great blog for inspiring scientific curiosity in children!

Life on the Wedge – THE blog to follow if moving to Qatar. I cannot tell you how many restaurants, buffets etc I’ve tried on recommendation to Rachel over on ‘Life on the Wedge’. Check her out!

Sorcha Coyle – This is a fabulous blog based on empowering expat teachers. Sorcha goes through the ins and outs of teaching abroad, supporting teachers in every way. She talks a lot about ways to save and does video tutorials frequently, sharing tips and tricks on saving. Her Facebook group ‘Empowering Expat Teachers’ is a super group, filled with support and advice for teaching around the globe. Follow, like, subscribe- you won’t regret it!


Teacher Twitter Accounts

@primaryteachew  – My favorite twitter account to follow. Full of fabulous ideas, particularly on teaching reading. A must follow!

@pastelteacher – Another great account, with the most engaging displays and written work. Always get inspiration from this page.

@Mr_K_Teacher  – A very inspirational, motivating account with a #whyIloveteaching hashtag.

@MissStanleyYr6 –This lady is the QUEEN of teaching writing. The inspiration I get from this account for writing alone is phenomenal. I’m sure that her Year 6’s can write better than me. Really inspirational account.

@MissCooper0803 – Another fabulous account, with the most amazing ‘double page spread’ writing. Between Miss Cooper and Miss Stanley, I am 100% using this approach next year in my writing lessons. Miss Cooper is the Maths lead in her school too and provides lots of engaging, interactive ideas for teaching Maths Mastery!

That’s all for now, I will aim to update this page regularly as I try out new resources. If you have any AMAZING resources, websites or games that you feel I’ve missed, please let me know in the comments.

List of websites compiled by Rebecca Morrissey, a full-time, primary school teacher in Ireland, blogger, creator of teaching resources and maker of classroom decorations. See more of her blog posts here and click to follow her social media pages below.

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