April teaching calendar on a tablet display.

Teaching ideas, activities, and inspiration to celebrate the month of April:

Ramadan, Find a Rainbow Day, National Superhero Day, The Anniversary of the Sinking of the Titanic, World Art Day, World Health Day, ‘Design a cover for ‘The King’s Coronation’ competition and more!

1st April - 1st May | National Pet Month

Pet Store Role Play

Family shopping for pet supplies with dog

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3rd April | Find a Rainbow Day

A day to celebrate the rainbow which symbolises hope. The rainbow also symbolises inclusivity, diversity and friendship.

Make a Rainbow

School Stamps (1)

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Rainbow Treasure Hunt

Pot of gold at rainbow's end in scenic meadow.

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Explore a Kaleidoscope

Abstract kaleidoscopic digital art background.

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Colour Sorting Game

Assorted colorful sewing buttons on pink background.

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Rainbow Sensory Umbrella

Colourful umbrella against clear blue sky.

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7th April | World Health Day

World Health Day is dedicated to promoting the benefits of good health and wellbeing.

The theme for 2023 is ‘Health for All’

You may wish to focus on healthy eating, exercise of mental wellbeing.

15th April | Titanic Sinking Anniversary

Making Boats Activity

Child playing with handmade boat by stream

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15th April | World Art Day

World Art Day is a celebration to promote the development and enjoyment of art around the world.

Spring Paintbrushes

Colourful pencil tips in close-up view.

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22nd March - 20th April | Ramadan

Sawm is the fourth pillar of Islam, the obligation to fast from dawn to sunset.

Enjoy a Traditional Ramadan Meal

Dried dates in wooden bowl with prayer beads

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22nd April | National Jelly Bean Day

This is a fun activity (and we all need a little treat!)

Jelly Bean Activities

Assorted colourful jelly beans background.

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28th April | National Superhero Day

A day to honour all superheroes, both fictional and real.

Suggested Resource: Superheroes – A Multisensory Adventure

Child in superhero cape for multisensory story.

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Explore Superhero Superpowers

Children in superhero costumes playing on beach

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Invisible Writing

Fresh lemon juice preparation on wooden background.

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29th April | World Zipper Day

A day to be grateful for those little inventions that make a big difference to our lives and an opportunity to promote fine motor skills.

Explore Fastenings:

Buckles, Buttons, Cuff Links, Eyelets, Magnetic Clasps, Metal Hook & Eye, Shoelaces, Sliders, Snap Hooks, Toggles, Velcro, Zips.

Other Useful Resources for April

Spring – A Multisensory Exploration

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Competition Time!

Design a cover for ‘The King’s Coronation – A Multisensory Exploration’

How to Enter:

  1. Using any medium, create a piece of artwork. This can be a portrait of King Charles III or any other artwork with a Coronation theme.
  2. A4 Portrait only please.
  3. You do not need to write the title on the artwork, please do not write any names of the students on the artwork.
  4. email your artwork to rhymingmultisensorystories@outlook.com

Competition Rules:

  1. There is no age limit.
  2. You may submit as many entries as you like.
  3. The closing date is midnight 20.04.23
  4. Your data will be protected according to law and will not be shared with any other parties. All emails and their contents (including the artwork) will be deleted after the winner is drawn on 20.04.23 (for more information on Privacy Policy visit the website or get in touch.)

There are prizes to be won!

Good Luck!

Training (1-1, Groups & INSET)

‘An Introduction to Multisensory Storytelling’ Course

  • 1-1 £45
  • Groups (Enquire for a price)
  • INSET £250

Contact rhymingmultisensorystories@outlook.com


Who is the Course Aimed at?

SEN Teachers, SENCOs, HLTA’s, TA’s, Mainstream Early Years Educators, Speech Therapists, Play Therapists, Parents, Guardians, Childminders, Carers, Support Workers, Activity Coordinators, Librarians, and anyone with an interest in exploring storytelling through the senses.

Course Content

The benefits of multisensory storytelling.

  • Sourcing story props.
  • Sound effects.
  • How to tell a multisensory story.
  • Adapting an existing story into a multisensory story.
  • Incorporating extension activities into your session.
  • Using the story props as a tool for individuals to explore & express their likes, dislikes and sensory preferences.
  • Extension Activities

In addition to this we will explore a multisensory story in depth, how to deliver this story and how to use the story props promote communication and areas learning.

The current theme is ‘Spring – A Multisensory Exploration’

How is the Training Delivered?

The training is delivered as a friendly and informal session via Zoom and can be tailored to meet your training requirements.

How Much Does the Course Cost?

£45 1-1 Training Session

£250 Whole School/Setting INSET

(For smaller group bookings please enquire for a price)

Book a course and receive a FREE 6-month subscription to the Members Library!

(Offer applies to bookings over £200)

Contact rhymingmultisensorystories@outlook.com

Course Length

1hour 45 mins plus Q & A.

Will I Receive any Course Notes?

Yes. Course summary notes will be sent as a word document.

 Are There Any Other Free Resources Included?


You will receive a free digital download of ‘Listen – An A-Z of Sensory Ideas to Stimulate the Auditory System’

This comprehensive guide explores fun and engaging sensory ways of stimulating the sense of hearing. The A-Z of sounds is divided into the following categories: Animals, Transport, Musical Instruments & Home. It also includes fun, motivating sensory themed extension activities. This resource is suitable for working with curious pre-schoolers to teenagers with complex needs.

You will also receive a free digital download of the focus story.

How Do I Book?

email rhymingmultisensorystories@outlook.com or send a message via the chat feature on the website or through social media

How Do I Pay?

Payment is accepted through BACS or Cheque.

I am a School/Company/Setting, can you send an Invoice?

Yes. Rhyming Multisensory Stories is fully registered with HMRC and can invoice.

Will I Receive a Certificate?

Yes. You will receive a digital certificate of completion

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