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Taking a whole school approach, primary schools will be able to show how they champion human rights in three easy steps by learning about Mary Wollstonecraft and her legacy. In just one week schools can gain their accreditation as human rights champions, with a certificate from the Wollstonecraft Society.

Lesson One – A fun introduction to Mary through an engaging online comic

Lesson Two – Group work to consolidate your classes newfound learning and put together an assembly to share it with the rest of their school

Assembly (and maybe a rehearsal or two!) Then use the powerpoint template provided for your class to share Mary’s story with more members of your school
Once you’ve completed steps 1,2 and 3 – scan in or photograph five of your learners feedback forms and fill in a quick online survey – and we’ll get your certification of accreditation over to you.

All you need to complete this programme is right here;

Lesson 1 powerpoint
Lesson 2 powerpoint (which is filled in throughout the lesson and used as the assembly powerpoint when complete)
Teachers Guide

We’ll be creating more Wollstonecraft school resources for different year groups soon, check out the Wollstonecraft Society website and TES channel fore more resources soon.

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Last Update: 1st June 2022
Released: 1st June 2022