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Which Method Trigonometry? Maths Game is an engaging PowerPoint downloadable game/activity designed to help students revise the math topic of Trigonometry, and which method to use when answering the questions including Pythagoras’ Theorem, Trigonometry, Sine Rule or Cosine Rule. This game encourages active participation and critical thinking.
PowerPoint Structure
The game includes 30 questions, each with three slides, the question, which Trigonometry method you would use, and the answer. You can adapt the game to only show which method to use, or just the answer slide, or both.
The PowerPoint is designed to be easily adaptable. Teachers can modify the questions or customize the game to suit different levels of difficulty or specific curriculum requirements.
  • Teachers can add additional slides or modify existing ones to extend or shorten the duration of the game based on the available class time.
  • The inclusion of calculators in the game enhances students’ problem-solving skills and reinforces the application of geometric concepts.
Downloadable Format
The Which Method Trigonometry? Maths game is available for download in a user-friendly format. Teachers can effortlessly project the game in the classroom, creating an interactive and enjoyable revision experience for students.
This game not only reinforces the understanding of the Trigonometry but also adds an element of excitement and competition to the revision process, making it a valuable resource for teachers seeking to engage their students in a fun and educational manner.

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Last Update: 28th February 2024
Released: 28th February 2024