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A unit of work with resources to deliver the enquiry 4 year 5 unit of RE work
form the Norfolk agreed Syllabus


6 lessons to cover a half term

Selection of Powerpoints, word documents and PDF worksheets to go with each learning objective.


  • I can talk about celebrations I have been part of and why they are important.
  • I can compare the different Gospel accounts of the death and resurrection of Jesus.
  • I can retell the events of Luke 24 – ‘The walk to Emmaus’ and identify the evidence for the resurrection.
  • I can talk about how Christians celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday in different ways to express their beliefs.
  • I can explore the themes of new life and sacrifice in the context of Easter, gaining a deeper understanding of the significance of the festival.
  • I can describe the significance of resurrection and how it shapes how Christians see the world and others.

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Last Update: 11th February 2024
Released: 11th February 2024