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This resource is perfect for parents of children ranging in ages from Year 6 to GCSE, and for the students to have as a resource to support their independence of using these written methods. The methods are specific to the Year 6 arithmetic paper, but these methods are also used all the way upto GCSE as well.
The resource includes explanations of how to use the method, including an image of a flipchart outlining a visual representation for extra support.

The methods that it explains are:

  • Column Multiplication
  • Bus Stop Division (short)
  • Long Division (using a proven method I have used for many years for all ages)
  • Adding fractions with the same and different denominators
  • Multiplying fractions
  • Dividing fractions by a whole number
  • Fractions of a number
  • Precentages of a number

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Last Update: 6th April 2024
Released: 6th April 2024