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KS1 Grade 1 Maths Games Worksheets is a comprehensive resource containing 8 worksheets with a focus on using fun engaging activities to support students in learning early years maths.
Worksheet Descriptions
1) Wordsearch The interactive wordsearch challenges students to find the maths related words within a grid. This activity combines maths vocabulary reinforcement with an engaging puzzle format, promoting both learning and enjoyment.
2) Battleships This is a Battleships game where students have to pick 10 coordinates and take it in turns to guess their opponents coordinates. If their opponent guesses correctly, they say ‘hit’, and ‘miss’ if they guess incorrectly. The first person to guess all 10 correctly is the winner! This aids the learning of coordinates within a fun game.
3) Codebreaker Students have to solve the maths questions, then find the corresponding letter in the key and write the letter below their answer. Each letter is part of a word that spells out the answer to the joke at the top of the page. This activity combines number reinforcement with an engaging puzzle format, promoting both learning and enjoyment.
4) Addition Pyramid Students have to add the two numbers below each space to get the number above. Each row gets gradually harder. This helps their adding skills in a fun format.
5) Sudoku This is a fun 9 X 9 sudoku grid for students to complete with 9 different shapes in each row and column.
6) Cross Number Puzzle Students have to do each calculation and put the answer in the crossword grid above. This combines solving maths problems in a fun crossword format.
7) Corners This is a two player game. Each player will need a different colour to colour in their squares. Both players start in opposite corners and take it in turns to colour in two squares. Each block that you colour in after your first two must touch the corner of one of your coloured blocks. If you cannot colour in a block that is touching the corner, you are out of the game, and the other person is the winner!
8) Magic Square The object of the game is be the first person to make a row or column add up to 15. Each person takes it in turns to roll the dice and put the number that it lands on somewhere on the grid. This promotes adding skills in a fun, enjoyable game.
Answer Key
A comprehensive answer key is included with the resource, offering educators a valuable tool for quick reference and assessment. This ensures students receive accurate feedback, reinforcing their learning.
Downloadable Format
KS1 Grade 1 Maths Games Worksheets resource is conveniently available in a downloadable DOC format. This allows for easy printing and distribution to students, making it a flexible resource for both classroom and remote learning environments.
Designed to cater to various learning styles and proficiency levels, this resource not only reinforces primary level maths but also encourages students to actively engage with maths through puzzles and games. The inclusion of answers facilitates efficient assessment and supports educators in guiding students through the learning process.

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