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This unit of work is a great talk4writing non chronological report text to learning all about the Romans.

Week one KS2 yr3-yr 5 as taught in a mixed year group class. The initial introductory text is based on the Celts in preparation for writing a non chronological write about the Romans.
Week one is to learn all about the Celtic way of life text through the story map and answer questions about the text.

The three following weeks can be purchased separately or as a block unit.

Included in the week one NCR
The story map is attached in this week one package,
Reading comprehension
Celtic report highlighting the grammar features

Week two is to change the Celtic Britain report text to writing about the Roman Army and their way of life.
Information used about the Roman army is sourced
Grammar exercises are also sourced

Week three is to plan and prepare own independent writing about as aspect of Roman life.
Box up plan

Week four is to complete independent writing.
Box up plan revised
key ingredients for writing an effective report

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