Diagram explaining memory structure, models, and influencing factors.


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This product includes the following:

  1. 7 lessons full of starter activities, retrieval practice, 6/9 mark questions and end of lesson quizzing.
  2. A printable knowledge organiser PDF summarises the unit
  3. A printable key word list direct from the AQA website
  4. A practice 9 mark question and attached mark scheme
  5. An end of unit test with an attached mark scheme.

Lessons are as follows:

  1. What is memory, encoding and retrieval?
  2. How are memories stored?
  3. A study in encoding
  4. Multi-store model of memory
  5. Primacy and Recency effects
  6. War of the Ghosts study
  7. Factors affecting memory

Miss C (BSc, MSc)

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Last Update: 20th August 2021
Released: 20th August 2021