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Hatchling Curriculum Five Senses includes 50 pages of hands-on activities, creative art ideas, science exploration, printable templates, worksheets, songs, games, and movement ideas. Each lesson focuses on one of the five senses and offers the opportunity to immerse the child in a sensory exploration.
1 week of ready-to-teach lessons exploring the five senses
Early math concepts include story sequence, patterning, counting with number grids, sorting, shape matching, and number to quantity matching
Hands-on science experiments to explore, observe, and discover; smelling jars, spray sneezes, sound waves, textures, liquid to solid, and temperature
Sensory exploration; make potpourri, salt clay, five senses plate, string telephone, musical shaker, fingerprint art, tactile crocodile, play dough, and mystery bag
Coloring, cutting, tearing, and sorting activities to refine fine motor skills.
Games, music, and movement ideas to develop gross motor skills.
25 printable templates of coloring pages, worksheets, and crafts
Song lyrics for the original and traditional songs
Alternatives and suggestions to individualize and extend the learning experience……… and so much more. The ideas are endless! Have fun and explore the five senses

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Last Update: 10th October 2020
Released: 7th September 2020