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Decimal, Fraction & Percentage Conversions PowerPoint

This revision lesson reminds students how we can convert decimals into either fractions or percentages. Fractions into decimals or percentages and percentages into decimals or fractions.

These revision lessons work with the teacher going through a couple of examples, which I get the students to copy down into their books, so that they have something to refer back to later. Then the students answer a number of questions to ensure they understand the work. The I move to the next slide and do much the same. I find that this has really helped with the low ability students moving their learning form short term to long term.

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The Resources within this shop are all designed for the teaching of Mathematics for those in the age range 5 - 18 years old. Most resources consist of a PowerPoint lesson followed by a worksheet for the students. With over twenty six years of experience, the powerpoint/worksheets within the shop have been used successfully by myself and colleagues over that time. As a head of department for over 15 years, the department has yearly been judged as adding substantial value to students grades.