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The quiz
An awesome,** fun and engaging** Christmas quiz packed with 9 different rounds which total 100 questions! **Suitable for Upper KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5! ** All answers. timers and clues included in the PPT.

The quiz contains rounds that will appeal to all students and requires the use of English, Maths, Geography, History and even more skills! It could also easily be customised to make it smaller / different.

Round 1: Christmas questions (10)
Round 2: Multiple choice Christmas questions (20)
Round 3: Finish the Christmas song! (10)
Round 4: Christmas maths (5) (timed round)
Round 5: Name the celebrity Santa! (15) (timed round)
Round 6: Guess Santa´s next destination (10)
Round 7: Guess the Christmas word (10) (timed round)
Round 8: Name the Christmas movie (10)
Round 9: Christmas story questions (10) Can be cut if your school is non-religious

Thanks for downloading, Please leave me a review! : )

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Last Update: 19th November 2023
Released: 19th November 2023