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Biographies: One week of Literacy planning for Year 5/6 and above (all resources included!)

This week of Literacy focuses on writing biographies. The class really enjoyed learning about the celebrities in this week’s Literacy lessons, especially Taylor Swift and Christiano Ronaldo!

Day 1: Reading comprehension focus – children read biographies of a celebrity and answer differentiated (retrieval and inference) questions about the text. This gives them an opportunity to experience high quality, short biographies.

Day 2: Children practise using adverbial phrases ready to use them in their own writing. Differentiated worksheets (as for all lessons) are included for their activities.

Day 3: Children practise organising information into paragraphs by sorting information from biographies into subheadings.

Day 4&5: Children write their own biography about either Christiano Ronaldo or Taylor Swift after going through a good example on the IWB. Differentiated success criteria is included.


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Lesson Planned

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