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AQA GCSE PSYCHOLOGY Language, Thought & Communication (3.2.2) Psychology (Paper 3.2)

Two extensive ppt’s (56 = 69 slides) complete coverage of module including named key studies, exam style q’s and extra resources (All on one ZIP file)


Paper 2: ‘Social context and behaviour’




Part 1

1.The possible relationship between language and thought

Part 2

The effect of language and thought on our view of the world

2. Differences between human and animal communication

3. Non-verbal communication

4. Explanations of non-verbal behaviour


Named Key Studies: Von Frisch (Bees) and Yuki (Emoticons)




 Full coverage of the module + key studies, exam style questions to supplement understanding and activities to encourage thinking.

Also, there is a chart with downloadable YouTube clips and internet resources (only for educational use)

Complete and extensive coverage of the whole Language, The Thought & Communication module, just -pick up a module- and go… suitable for both new and experienced teachers



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Producing this class tested resource was hard work, but we are pleased with it.

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 Andy Mac: Chartered Psychologist, experienced teacher, and publisher.

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