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A-Level Psychology: RESEARCH METHODS, PPT DISPLAYS & WORKBOOK (AQA, HOWEVER Suitable for all examination boards)


  • Also, included in this package is a separate PPT display covering the ‘Binomial Sign Test’… simple rationale, worked examples and exercises

Part of the: The ‘pick-up a module and go’ series

 Extensive ppt display (93 slides) and workbook (108 pages) covers every aspect of the specifications for A-Level Psychology:

  • Introduction to Research Methods
  • Scientific Processes
  • Data Handling and analysis

The workbook is crammed with information, self-learn exercises, examination style questions, class practical ideas and an MCQ (with answered supplied).


The main format of the workbook is PDF (holds format better for printing). The workbook can be used by students for self-learning, printed in section as worksheets or as a whole class teaching aid.



The author, Andy McCarthy is a Chartered Psychologist, Member of the Royal Society of Statisticians, experienced teacher, lecturer, and publisher.

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Last Update: 25th March 2021
Released: 20th March 2021