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UK AQA A-Level Psychology: Year 1 MEMORY

AQA A-Level Psychology: Year 1 and AS

MEMORY Module:

The PowerPoint display covers (DOWNLOADED AS A ZIP FILE):

  • The multi-store model of memory (MSM)
  • Types of long-term memory
  • The working memory model (WMM)
  • Explanations for forgetting
  • Factors affecting the accuracy of memory
  • Improving the accuracy of eyewitness testimony


Extensive PowerPoint© display (120+ slides)

PowerPoint 2: Amnesia and Brain scanning (10 slides)

PowerPoint 3: Memory Class experiments: Structure of Memory and Miller’s 7 +/- 2

PowerPoint 4: Memory Class Experiment: Serial Re-call Effect


All you need to present this module ‘just pick-up and go’

The author, Andy McCarthy is a Chartered Psychologist, experienced teacher, lecturer and publisher in the UK.

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Last Update: 25th March 2021
Released: 15th March 2021