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Question cards about types of angle, angles within a shape, properties of angles and measuring them. These make a good Maths starter or a handy revision aid. These can also be used for Fan-n-Pick, another of my fave Kagan structures, Children work in teams of 4, child 1 fans out the cards, child 2 reads it to child 3, who answers it, child 4 paraphrases and praises. The children swap roles for the next question.

​Click here to download (11 pages, 33 cards)

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The Talkative Teacher

I'm Mrs P. I've been a Primary School teacher for about 8 years and I LOVE it! I find it to be a job where you really do 'get what you give' - if you love it, the kiddies love it! Yes there is a lot of work, yes there are challenges, yes there are days when you arrive home so tired that you're not quite sure how you got there, but it's worth it! What other job do you come home from after all that and talk your better half to death for the next 2 hours about what you've done, what your kids have done and what you can't wait to do next!