As teachers, we read far too many children’s books to be considered ‘normal’ by the rest of society. It’s part of the job and -dare I say it- not the worst way to spend an evening, especially if you have children of your own to read them to. However, despite popular belief, most of us do not have lots of spare time in which to read countless books to find the most engaging book to use in class.

It can be difficult to know where to look for the right book which your class will love but that might be changing. An excellent website called has collated hundreds of books and put them into subject categories for Science, Geography, History and Literacy. To make this service even better, they have subcategories relating to different foci in each subject, meaning that you can easily search for a book relating to your Space topic and read a short synopsis of each book without trawling through Amazon booklists for hours.

The best thing about this website? It is completely free!

If you need to find a book related to your topic next term, simply follow the link above or search through each subject by clicking on the subject title below.

Do you have any resources relating to these books? If so, please help other teachers by uploading them to this website!

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