Selling teaching resources online

Selling teaching resources is an excellent way to generate additional income. Creating and recycling learning resources and sharing them on websites simply makes sense! Teachers spend hours each week creating original, effective, educational resources only to use them a handful of times in their professional career. By posting your own resources online, you can support fellow teachers whilst earning a passive income from your creative endeavours. 

Is it worth selling teaching resources online?

Yes! Teachers collectively spend over £520 million  every year on teaching resources. 

Yes! Teachers selling their digital resources are earning serious money online. Top sellers have made over £2 million and thousands more earn over £200 per month.

Yes! Once your resource is uploaded once, it is online and available, earning a passive income. You may have spent hours creating the material for your class, but it takes less than 5 minutes to upload it to a resource website.

Which websites are best for selling teaching resources?

We’ve ranked the following websites by the royalties they offer resource creators:

Number 1: Lesson Planned

Lesson planned works on a straightforward 80% royalty rate, and you’ll receive your payments in full, as there are no additional transaction fees or taxes deducted from your earnings.

Membership is free at all levels.

Number 2: TES

Tes offers 60% royalties on all resources sold by new authors. A transaction fee of 20p per resource sale and regional tax deductions. Royalties can increase to 80% once £6,000+ worth of sales have been accumulated.

Number 3: Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers gives 55% royalties on all resources sold by free account holders. A transaction fee of 22p per resource sale. Royalties can increase to 80% and transaction fees reduced to 11p if you purchase a Premium Seller account for £44.12 ($59.95) per year.

More websites are available to teachers and resource creators, we’ve just chosen the three with the highest royalty rates. There is nothing stopping you from selling your resources on multiple websites, each have their own merits.

How much do I get paid in royalties on Teachers Pay Teachers, TES and Lesson Planned?

Lesson Planned
Transaction Fees
No Transaction Fees
20p per Sale + Regional Taxes
22p per Sale
Customisable Profile & Store
Sale Notifications
Free Backlinks (Blogs & Socials)
Payment Method
Bank Transfer
Payout Schedule
Seller Satisfaction Rating

Is selling teaching resources online legal?

Almost always, yes. You can do it unless it’s explicitly prohibited in your employment contract. If you create anything original, you can share it and sell it. However, all original material you create as a resource creator should be owned by you.

If you have any doubts, this article outlines the legality of selling teaching resources and you can consult your employment contract for reassurance.


  1. Selling teaching resources online can be a great way to share your expertise and earn income.

  2. Seems like a win-win. I know I put a lot of work into creating resources that are only used a handful of times with my classes!

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