Strong Female Book Characters
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Strong Female Fictional Characters Update – KS1 Booklist

June 18, 2018

Following the popularity of our original post suggesting books for Key Stage 2 pupils which have confident, strong females as... read article

Strong Female Book Characters
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Strong Female Fictional Characters – KS2 Booklist

June 13, 2018

Children’s media and books are packed with gender stereotypes: princesses waiting for Prince Charming, fairies dressed in pink and sparkles... read article

Best Teacher Hacks
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Teacher Hacks from The Talkative Teacher

May 4, 2018

Mrs P, teacher, blogger and creator of The Talkative Teacher website has put together some of her best ‘teacher hacks’... read article

Ofsted Myths
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Ofsted Myth Busting

April 14, 2018

When schools ‘get the call’, often even the most pragmatic and sensible teachers often start questioning themselves and start wishing... read article

Books by topic
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Looking For A Book Related To Your Next Topic?

April 9, 2018

As teachers, we read far too many children’s books to be considered ‘normal’ by the rest of society. It’s part... read article

Department for Education Marking
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New DfE Guidance Could Transform ‘Marking’ Forever

April 8, 2018

It will come as no surprise that the latest survey conducted by the Department for Education concluded that the three... read article

Reducing Teacher Workload
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Could You Cut Marking Down To A Single Page Of A4 A Day?

March 7, 2018

This school stripped back marking to a half-page per lesson and now has more time for planning, says its Maths... read article

VR in schools
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Creating your own Google Expeditions: think of the possibilities!

February 15, 2018

Recently, Google announced a new addition to their Expeditions Pioneer Programme that will allow schools to create their own content.... read article