Are you the creative mind behind some fantastic teaching resources that your students can’t get enough of? Ready to share your brilliance with fellow teachers and earn some extra cash? Selling teaching resources online can be lucrative if done correctly. This article combines eight top tips for getting your resources noticed, appreciated, and flying off the digital shelves!

Now, let’s dive into making your resources stand out in this bustling marketplace. We’ve got some down-to-earth tips to boost your sales and turn your hard work into a rewarding experience:

1. Nail Those Titles and Descriptions

Interactive KS2 Roman history PowerPoint game with 16 slides

This one is top of the list because without accurate, keyword rich titles and descriptions, they will be difficult to find for users and search engines. Spice up your listings with catchy titles and descriptions that grab attention. Aim for concise, informative, and keyword-rich wording. And here’s a cool trick – Edubot, the AI chatbot at the bottom right of your screen can help you with this task! Upload your resource to Lesson Planned, give a couple of details to EduBot, and it will generate titles and descriptions for you with a click of a button!

2. Show Off with Eye-Catching Covers and Previews

Educational graphic design tools, Canva for Education banner.

Your cover is the first impression – make it count! Use vibrant colors and consider adding a relevant image or graphic. Tools like Canva can help you create covers that pop. Canva is free for educators, which means giving your buyers a taste of what’s inside with clear and attractive previews is not only easier, but free too! 

Some elevate their preview game even further by incorporating videos. Instead of just showing a static preview, consider adding a short video snippet to give your potential buyers a dynamic peek into what your resource offers. Tools like Loom can be game-changers.

3. Price it Right

Hand drawing price and value balance concept.

Picking the right price is an art. Check out similar resources, consider the quality, demand, and uniqueness of your gem. Don’t overprice or underprice; find that sweet spot. Try searching for similar resources online and ensure your pricing matches those.

4. Spread the Word on Social Media

Shout from the rooftops about your incredible resources! Share on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestand YouTube. Don’t forget to use hashtags and keywords to boost visibility. Dive into the School Resources Facebook Group – it’s a goldmine for connecting with teachers, getting feedback, and growing your sales.

5. Offer Bundle Bargains

A Level Othello lessons download, Shakespeare teaching resources.

Everybody loves a good deal! Create bundles of your resources that complement each other. This not only adds value for your buyers but also gives you a chance to showcase your versatility. Think “Ultimate Math Pack” or “Science Extravaganza Bundle.” Bundle pricing can encourage buyers to snag more of your fantastic content. This works particularly well for whole units on a particular topic or book, for example this Complete Unit on Othello.

6. Create Seasonal and Timely Resources

Tailor your resources to the seasons or timely events. Back-to-school specials, holiday-themed activities, or exam-prep bundles during testing seasons can catch the eye of teachers looking for something specific. Timing is everything, and your resources can be the answer at just the right moment.

7. Create a Brand Persona

Guinea Pig Education digital teaching resources website screenshot.

Infuse a bit of personality into your store. Whether it’s through a catchy tagline, a unique store logo, or a consistent theme in your resource design, creating a brand persona can make your store memorable. It’s not just about what you sell; it’s about who you are! That’s why we’ve made all of our storefronts customisable with a banner image, profile photo, bio and links to your socials. An example of one of our sellers with a really consistent brand is Guinea Pig Education who have smashed their branding with consistent graphics and colour schemes.

8. Encourage Reviews and Testimonials

Build trust and credibility by encouraging your buyers to leave reviews or testimonials. Positive feedback can be a powerful persuader for potential customers. We already offer discounts for any customers who leave resource reviews but a friendly prompt to share their thoughts on the final page of your resource can remind customers to leave feedback.

 In conclusion, selling on can be a game-changer for you. Follow these tips, use the handy tools, and watch your visibility and sales soar. You’ve got the passion and the resources; now let’s make those sales roll in! Happy teaching and selling!

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