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Teaching ideas and inspiration to celebrate the month of February including Candlemas, St Brigid’s Day, Tu B’Shevat, National Wear Red Day, Parinirvana Day,
Valentine’s Day, Shrove Tuesday, Design a Book Cover Competition
and more!

Dates At a Glance

  • 1st Feb – St Brigid’s Day
  • 2nd Feb – Candlemas
  • 3rd Feb – National Wear Red Day
  • 5th Feb – Tu BiShvat
  • 13th Feb – World Radio Day
  • 14th Feb – Valentine’s Day
  • 18th Feb – Discovery of Pluto
  • 21st Feb – Shrove Tuesday
  • 27th Feb – International Polar Bear Day

1st February | St Brigid's Day

St Brigid lived around the same time as St Patrick and was influenced by his teachings to become a Christian. She was known for her generosity. Celebrate by making/tasting potatoes with butter, add cabbage to make colcannon and serve with soda bread. St Brigid once gave away her mother’s entire store of butter!

Churn Your Own Butter

Fresh butter chunks in a bowl.

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Make a St Brigid’s Cross

Handcrafted traditional green rush cross.

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2nd February | Candlemas

A Christian holy day which also draws some of its roots from paganism (in pre-Christian times Candlemas marked the mid-point of winter.)

Traditionally, people bring candles to church to be blessed or light candles and place them in their windows at home.

Ideas for Candlemas

Lit Christmas candles with reindeer decorations and bokeh lights.

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3rd February | National Wear Red Day

Raising awareness of heart disease.

Ideas for National Wear Red Day

Woman in red beanie and scarf outdoors.

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5th February | Tu B'Shvat

This is the Jewish New Year for Trees. Many fruits associated with the Holy Land are eaten, in particular the ones mentioned in the Torah, such as pomegranates, dates, figs, grapes and olives.
Some people will try a new fruit.

Engage the Senses

Variety of colourful fresh fruits on yellow background.

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Alternative Activity

Adult hand gently holding child's hand.

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9th February | Toothache Day

A day to promote good oral hygiene.

Free Resource


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Dentist Role Play Activity

Dentist showing tool to smiling young girl in chair.

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13th February | World Radio Day

Raising awareness of the pleasure and importance of the radio. 

Activities for World Radio Day

Person holding vintage radio on sandy beach.

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14th February | Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bag

Valentine's Day theme with gifts and love message.

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15th February | Parinirvana Day

Parinirvana Day marks the death of the Buddha who is believed to have entered a state called Parinirvana, the final goal of Buddhism, ‘Nirvana without end’.

Relaxation Adventure Activity

Monk walking by prayer flags on path.

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18th February | Pluto Discovery 1930

Explore Pluto Activity


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21st February | Shrove Tuesday

Make Pancakes

Fresh strawberry-topped pancakes on plate.

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27th February | International Polar Bear Day

Explore Polar Bears

Polar bear walking on Arctic tundra.

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Cover design competition announcement for Rhyming Multisensory Stories.

Have your artwork featured on the new release ‘Shapes – A Multisensory Exploration’

There will be 20 runner up prizes of a story of your choice.

DESIGN A BOOK COVER for my new multisensory story ‘Shapes – A Multisensory Exploration’

How to Enter

  • Using any medium, produce a piece of artwork with the topic of shapes.
  • I would love to see your shape monsters, shape themed artwork and any activities you would like to share.
  • A4 Portrait only please.
  • (You do not need to write the title on the artwork, please do not write any names of the students on the artwork.)
  • email your artwork to rhymingmultisensorystories@outlook.com
  • Please include in your email the first name of the artist, the name of the school and a contact name.

Competition Rules:

  1. There is no age limit.
  2. You may submit as many entries as you like.
  3. The closing date is midnight 14th Feb 2023
  4. Your data will be protected according to law and will not be shared with any other parties. All emails and their contents (including the artwork) will be deleted after the winner is drawn on 14th Feb 2023 (for more information on Privacy Policy visit the website or get in touch.)
  5. The winner will have their artwork featured on the new release ‘

The stories are in the format of a digital download and can be printed out, used and shared throughout the school/setting in multiple classrooms.

  1. The 20 runners up will win a multisensory story of their choice.
  2. The winner will have their artwork featured as the cover of my new release ‘Shapes – A Multisensory Story’

* If the winner is home-schooled then the prize will be emailed directly to the winner.

Good Luck!

Visit the Store on Lesson Planned

Training (1-1, Groups & INSET)

‘An Introduction to Multisensory Storytelling’ Course

  • 1-1 £45
  • Groups (Enquire for a price)
  • INSET £250

Contact rhymingmultisensorystories@outlook.com


Who is the Course Aimed at?

SEN Teachers, SENCOs, HLTA’s, TA’s, Mainstream Early Years Educators, Speech Therapists, Play Therapists, Parents, Guardians, Childminders, Carers, Support Workers, Activity Coordinators, Librarians, and anyone with an interest in exploring storytelling through the senses.

Course Content

  • The benefits of multisensory storytelling.
  • Sourcing story props.
  • Sound effects.
  • How to tell a multisensory story.
  • Adapting an existing story into a multisensory story.
  • Incorporating extension activities into your session.
  • Using the story props as a tool for individuals to explore & express their likes, dislikes and sensory preferences.
  • Case studies
  • Extension Activities

In addition to this we will explore a multisensory story in depth, how to deliver this story and how to use the story props promote communication and areas learning.

The current theme is ‘Winter – A Multisensory Exploration’

How is the Training Delivered?

The training is delivered as a friendly and informal session via Zoom and can be tailored to meet your training requirements.

How Much Does the Course Cost?

£45 1-1 Training Session

£250 Whole School/Setting INSET

(For smaller group bookings please enquire for a price)

Book a course and receive a FREE 6-month subscription to the Members Library!

(Offer applies to group and INSET bookings and excludes 1-1 sessions)

Contact rhymingmultisensorystories@outlook.com

Course Length

1 hour 45 mins plus Q & A.

Will I Receive any Course Notes?

Yes. Course summary notes will be sent as a word document.

How Do I Book?

email rhymingmultisensorystories@outlook.com or send a message via the chat feature on the website or through social media

How Do I Pay?

Payment is accepted through BACS or Cheque.

I am a School/Company/Setting, can you send an Invoice?

Yes. Rhyming Multisensory Stories is fully registered with HMRC and can invoice.

Will I Receive a Certificate?

Yes. You will receive a digital certificate of completion

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