Educational worksheet on using inverted commas in English.


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Worksheets, comic strips and short passages. Perfect for introducing inverted commas in Y3.

‘Using Inverted Commas’ activity sheet with a range of activities to allow children to add inverted commas, write direct speech with inverted commas and mark sentences. Answers included.
‘Using Inverted Commas’ passage, a short paragraph with direct speech for children to add inverted commas. Ideal as a short activity or a grammar session. Answers included.
‘Using Inverted Commas’ comic strip. A fun activity for children to turn a comic strip with speech bubbles into a short story, writing direct speech with inverted commas. Two versions available – comic strip with complete speech bubbles, blank speech bubbles for children to create their own version.

National Curriculum Links

Year 3 statutory content to be introduced – Introduction to inverted commas to punctuate direct speech

Year 3 and 4 – using and punctuating direct speech

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Last Update: 5th April 2022
Released: 5th April 2022