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WW2 Lesson 1 will help KS2 / KS3 children understand the key events that led Britain and France to declare war on Germany in 1939. Children will be able to describe and explain what happened in the aftermath of WW1 between Germany and the rest of Europe, which eventually led to the outbreak of war.

This resource includes:

  • PowerPoint giving background information on the state of Germany after 1918, followed by all key events in the years that followed which led to the declaration of war (Hitler coming to power, Nazi Germany gaining strength, German invasions, Hitler’s broken promise, Britain’s ultimatum, declaration of war, Neville Chamberlain’s radio broadcast and Hitler’s hatred of Jewish people).
  • Differentiated timeline activity – two scaffolded versions to support MA and LA children. Extra challenge for HA in how they complete this task.
  • Differentiated writing task – two scaffolded versions for MA and LA children (fill in the gaps / fill in the gaps with clues). Extra challenge for HA in how they complete this task.
  • Lesson plan for teacher.

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Last Update: 14th February 2024
Released: 15th August 2021