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An illustrated, one-page, stormy weather writing frame + one-page example of how the poem could be written.
Text (in large, clear, black lettering on white background, with long lines for completing starter phrases:
“The wind went ___
like ___ .
The rain went ___
like ___ .
The ____
____ “
+ 3 follow-on lines for an independent verse.

Related video-poem (short and fun) – The Wind:

Action/sound words plus similes are called for here to evoke a stormy – but perhaps exhilarating – scene. There could be humour too: is the wind blowing pyjama trousers off the washing-line and over the fence? There could be a magical beauty: a rising rainbow or a gleam of light from under a cloud. There’s scope for onomatopoeia too: the wind could be roaring, whimpering, booming, whining, whistling; the rain – drumming, pummelling, plopping, splashing, glugging. Similes are fun to think up, and the example sheet will help. Recommended for Juniors (KS2).

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Last Update: 1st August 2023
Released: 24th October 2020