Roman history lesson presentation on whiteboard with illustrations.


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Who were the Romans?

A middle school History lesson that explores the very start of Roman civilization. In this lesson, your learners will explore when in time Roman civilization existed, why the Romans chose Rome as their place to settle, and what the tale of Romulus and Remus has to do with it all.

This lesson follows Bloom’s Taxonomy in terms of the levels of skills being used. Learners will identify, explain, and justify throughout the lesson.

This lesson includes:

  • A chronological ordering task

  • The link to an informative video appropriate for learners of this age group

  • A matching task where learners have to identify reasons the Romans settled where they did

  • A storyboard of Romulus and Remus where learners have to draw a picture to represent each stage

  • A writing task where learners have to be a estate agent trying to sell Rome

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Last Update: 3rd December 2023
Released: 3rd December 2023