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Thermal Conductivity of Metals – GCSE Physics

This resource is a fully differentiated lesson aimed at teaching the new AQA GCSE Physics and Trilogy Physics specification, and links to the Energy and Energy resources module, completing the required practical involving thermal conductivity.

This lesson has 5 learning objectives that are structured in the IDEAL format:

*Identify that different materials transfer energy at different rates.

*Describe the process that transfers energy through metals.

*Explain how the transfer of heat energy by conduction involves the movement of particles.

*Apply your results to predict how long it would take for the heat to transfer along a larger metal rod.

*Link your understanding of the structure metals to explain why metals are such good conductors.

This lesson is designed with a challenge objective and challenge questions throughout to stretch your most able students, whilst supporting your LA students.

Review the lesson before teaching to see how the animations and objectives will work in your lesson.


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