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This set is designed to give you a short introduction to the Bible story you will tell to the children next week / next session / next class or whenever you will be telling the story. Each one hits on the highlights of the story and does not give the details. If you want the more detailed stories, I have those on my TpTstore – that go verse by verse with each story. I am adding new ones all the time.

This is written as if Jesus was talking, telling the story to you. It is all from His perspective. If Jesus could have made a scrapbook of His life and ministry, maybe this is what it would look like. I used wood frames for the pictures since Jesus was a carpenter by trade.

This goes from Jesus’ birth to his ascension and covers the highlights of his ministry in his 33 years on earth. The dates that each story takes place are approximate. The Scripture reference is just one of several since most of the stories are in the Gospel books (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).


1. Birth of Jesus Christ

2. Jesus In The Temple

3. Jesus Baptized

4. Jesus Tempted

5. Jesus Calls The Disciples

6. Fishers Of Men

7. Jesus Turns The Water To Wine

8. Jesus And Zacchaeus

9. Woman At The Well

10. Sermon On The Mount

11. Jesus Heals The Blind Man

12. Jesus Heals The Leper

13. Jesus Heals The Paralyzed Man

14. Feeding The 5,000

15. Jesus Is The Good Shepherd

16. Parable Of The Sower

17. Jesus Walks On Water

18. Jesus Heals The Woman (with bleeding)

19. Jesus Calms The Storm

20. Jesus Raises Lazarus From The Dead

21. Triumphal Entry

22. Last Supper

23. Garden of Gethsemane

24. Jesus And Pilate

25. Jesus Is Crucified

26. The Resurrection

27. The Ascension

28. Eternity With Jesus

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Last Update: 27th June 2023
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