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The pack consists of 4 comprehension worksheets with additional SPAG activities, plus two combined 20 question comprehensions, all written in Word on A4 worksheets.

Each of the 4 main worksheets contains 10 questions on the book. The comprehension questions cover the whole book in 4 worksheets.

On each worksheet there is a comprehension and writing activity as follows:

Worksheet 1 – Comprehension based on pages 8 to 18
– Dictionary Challenge

Worksheet 2 – Comprehension based on pages 19 to 36
– Spelling Challenge

Worksheet 3 – Comprehension based on pages 37 to 49
– Vibrant Verbs activity

Worksheet 4 – Comprehension based on pages 50 to 60
-Sensational Similes activity

Additionally, I have made two 20 question comprehension worksheets, scoring 24 and 26 respectively, giving a whole book score of 50. These could be used as an assessment resource or for pupils to work on independently.

Lastly, I have combined the 4 writing activities on two A4 worksheets.

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Last Update: 16th September 2021
Released: 12th May 2020