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Ideal for use in Y4 when this objective is introduced, covering common verbs and verb forms that are used incorrectly.

‘Standard verb form’ activity sheets with three levels of differentiation including a range of activities to help children identify when a particular verb or verb form should be used in Standard English.
‘Standard verb form’ game cards. A selection of questions cards for children to identify whether or not a sentence is written in Standard English or not. Ideal for use pairs or small groups

National Curriculum Links – Years 3 and 4

Terminology to be introduced in Year 4 – Standard English forms for verb inflections instead of local spoken forms.

Was/were and did/done

Including the words above and was/were and did/done including for plural verbs. Brought/bought, didn’t/don’t, goes/go.

Including the words above and borrowed/lent, have/of and learnt/taught.

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Last Update: 5th April 2022
Released: 5th April 2022