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A lesson detailing the events of the 1917 Revolution.
Aimed at Key Stage 3.
The lesson essentially tells the story of the revolution and then provides a range of tasks increasing in difficulty.
Starting with a storyboard task.

Main Tasks

Create a storyboard of the revolution
Draw an image to represent what happened on each date
Use the template if you need to

(Tough) Imagine you are a member of the new Russian Provisional Government
Decide your top 3 priorities to help improve things in Russia and explain why each of these is a priority
List the challenges you think you would face as the new rulers of Russia and explain how you would overcome each one

Challenge 1: Complete a fact-file for Grigori Rasputin
Include details about him and his involvement with the Tsar and Tsarina
Explain in your own words why the people were not happy with the influence he had over the Tsar and his wife

Challenge 2 (Really tough): Find out why the Provisional Government failed
What were the key reasons?
Who were the key people involved?
Were they doomed to failure, or could they have done anything differently?

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Last Update: 16th February 2024
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