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This lesson will help children to understand the roles of women during the Second World War. They will learn about the different roles played by women and why, and have the opportunity to delve deeper through their own research.

This resource includes:

  • PowerPoint detailing the different roles held by women in WW2. Throughout the PowerPoint, there are various discussion questions to pose to your class – opportunities for partner talk/reflection/think, pair, share and feeding back to the class. Timed activities to boost engagement. Links to videos to add more context.

  • Three differentiated tasks to complete. You can either complete all of the tasks or choose the most fitting task(s) for your class and ability levels.
    Task 1 – Hot Seat activity.
    Task 2 – Fact file.
    Task 3 – Diary entry.
    (More information on each task in PowerPoint and lesson plan).

  • Scaffolding/models to support independent tasks (word mat of different roles / hot seat question bank / fact file template).

  • Lesson plan for teacher

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Last Update: 23rd February 2024
Released: 23rd February 2024