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 Topics@Psychology#2: A walk through psychology’s dark past (The history of therapy)


Progressively covers a wide range of interesting topics including: Hydrotherapy, Metrazol Shock Therapy, Insulin Coma Shock Therapy, Trans-orbital Lobotomy and ECT. The Roles of the DSM 5 and The Mental Health ACT. Concluding with some thoughts on psychology’s covert, dark and true purpose


Consists of a PPT display (25 slides) and a resource sheet with links to articles and videos online; to supplement understanding. Within the slides are activities and things to think about.

 Warning always check video links and movies, before recommending or using.


Suitable for ALL examination boards.


 Ideal potential use: Year Twelve Psychology students near end of their first year


Where appropriate notes and links are included off screen on bottom of slides.


You are welcome to amend, expand or reduce the display to suit your needs.


The author, Andy McCarthy (amac education: Psychology) is a Chartered Psychologist, experienced teacher, lecturer, and publisher.

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Last Update: 10th April 2021
Released: 10th April 2021