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Ideal for use in lower KS2 or in later years for consolidation, to help children understand how pronouns can be used to avoid repetition or to aid cohesion.

‘Prepositions to avoid Repetition’ activity sheets with three levels of differentiation, including different activities to help children identify the purpose of pronouns and where to use them to avoid repetition.
‘Prepositions to avoid Repetition’ story, a short story that children need to improve by identifying the nouns and choosing which to change to pronouns.

National Curriculum Links

Statutory content to be introduced in Year 4: Appropriate choice of pronoun or noun within and across sentences to
aid cohesion and avoid repetition.

Year 3 and 4 statutory requirements: pupils should be taught to develop their understanding of the concepts by choosing nouns or pronouns appropriately for clarity and cohesion and to avoid repetition.

* Third person pronouns, including possessive pronouns.
* First and third person pronouns, including possessive pronouns
* First, second and third person pronouns, including possessive pronouns. Used in a range of multi-clause sentences.

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Last Update: 5th April 2022
Released: 5th April 2022