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The Wordly Wise books are a great resource for all level of learners. Here you will find a simple to use Powerpoint presentation that helps students understand the multiple meanings that a single word might have depending upon how it is used in a sentence. The words correlate with the words in the book, so students can follow along easily to enhance understanding and engagement. This resource focuses on Grade 2 Lesson 3 of the Wordly Wise 3000 series.


Words used:

1. antenna (n.)x2

2. balance (n.) (v.)x2

3. boulder (n.)

4. cliff (n.)

5. joint (n.)

6. machine (n.)

7. motor (n.)

8. muscle (n.)

9. planet (n.)

10. slope (n.) (v.)

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Last Update: 15th October 2023
Released: 15th October 2023