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OCR GCSE Psychology (Papers 1 and 2) Research Methods

This two-part bundle contains a PPT (106 slides), and GCSE Research Methods, an Independent Learning Workbook (78 pp. + answers. Goes with the PPT slides). All in one ZIP file.


OCR GCSE Research Methods PPT includes:

Hypotheses – Variables – Sampling – Design – Correlation – Research Procedures – Planning/Conducting Research – Ethics 

Quantitative & Qualitative Data – Primary & Secondary Data – Computation – Descriptive Statistics – Interpretation & Display of Quantitative Data – Normal Distributions etc….


Research Methods OCR GCSE psychology Independent Learning Workbook (photocopy friendly, PDF File) Covers:

•      Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

•      Quantitative Experiments

•      Hypotheses

•      Variables

•      Null Hypotheses

•      Sampling

•      Experimental Design

•      Extraneous Variables

•      Experimental Methods

•      Ethics

•      Correlations

•      Quantitative Data Analysis: Central Tendency & Range

•      Distributions & Skewness

•      Presentation of Data: Tables and Graphs

•      Qualitative (Non-experimental) Research


NB. Also contains class practical’s, examination style questions and an MCQ Paper (+answers)

This bundle offers complete coverage of the whole OCR GCSE Research Methods module, so just ‘pick up a module’ and go… suitable for both new and experienced teachers

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The author: Andy McCarthy is a Chartered Psychologist, Statistician, experienced teacher and educational publisher.


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