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This resource is a comprehensive set of 5 downloadable worksheets designed to reinforce and enhance students’ skills in Maths Collecting Like Terms, Expanding Brackets & Factorising topics.
Worksheet Structure
It includes a mixture of worksheets and practice pyramids, including:
Collecting Like Terms worksheet
Expanding & Factorising worksheet
Collecting Like Terms Practice Pyramid
Expanding Brackets Practice Pyramid
Factorising Practice Pyramid
Answer Key
Accompanying the 5 worksheets and practice pyramids are answers to each worksheet. This resource serves as a valuable tool for both self-assessment and facilitator guidance, allowing students to review their work independently or seek assistance when needed.
Printable Format
The Maths Collecting Like Terms, Expanding Brackets & Factorising Worksheets is available in a downloadable PDF format, making it easy for teachers, parents, or students to print the worksheets and answers for offline use. Clear instructions are provided to ensure a seamless learning experience.

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Last Update: 23rd February 2024
Released: 23rd February 2024