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A 10 lesson unit comprising of a 71 slide PowerPoint, 10 different worksheets (including texts for analysis) exploring the topic of Language Discourses and a summary terminology and theory sheet.The following are covered and taught as part of the unit: self-representation of the writer; positioning of the audience; evaluating and challenging discourses; applying different linguistic levels; context and genre; comparison.

Each lesson includes a starting discussion prompt which acts as a learning objective, detailed notes on the theories and concepts listed below, a worksheet (with the exception of lesson nine) and activities, and a homework task. The following theories and concepts are covered:

  • Definition of language discourses
  • Descriptivism and prescriptivism
  • Sticklerism – Robert Lane Greene (2011)
  • Eats, Shoots & Leaves – Lynne Truss (2003)
  • Declinism – Robert Lane Greene (2011)
  • Crumbling Castle, Infectious Disease and Damp Spoon – Jean Aitchison (1996)
  • Standard and Non-Standard English
  • Complaint Tradition – James and Lesley Milroy (1987)
  • Complaint Tradition – John McWhorter (2013)
  • The Language Wars – Henry Hitchings (2011)
  • Verbal Hygiene – Deborah Cameron (1995)
  • David Crystal – A Sea of Language Change

The final lesson is a consolidation activity complete with guided revision cards. Alternatively, you could use an app such as Quizlet so that the students could produce digital revision resources.

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