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This six week Design Tech unit of work is for upper KS2

This block is all about Menus, tasting and cooking.
This block of work is a practical, fun and involves group work activities over the six week block. With the overall objective to create a menu, buy the ingredients and then prepare the food for their chosen menu. (If purchasing together with the Food4Thought curriculum inviting family members into school to share work produced over the past 12 weeks is an option)

There are a number of numeracy lessons that are linked to the DT unit of work which help them prepare for the family invite and presentation these include: Using the 12 & 24 hour clock, timings and preparation. The nutritional value of foods by creating a set of top trump cards, understanding direct and indirect ratio proportion; as well as budgeting, working out cost of ingredients, quantities of ingredients needed in preparing foods.  These can also be purchased.

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Last Update: 14th March 2022
Released: 18th January 2020