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Interactive Language Bundle

Language Arts Books Included: ←♦ Author and Illustrator♦ Setting and Characters♦ Beginning, Middle & End♦ Real vs. Fantasy♦ Identifying good and bad sentences♦ Real vs Made Up Words♦ Correct Sentences (Capital letters and punctuation)♦ Rhyming words♦ Beginning, Middle & Ending Sounds♦ Digraphs♦ Syllables♦ Consonants and vowels♦ Long and Short Vowels♦ Long Vowel spellings♦ Nouns vs Plural Nouns♦ Verbs, Nouns & Adjectives♦ Sorting—————————————————————————————– → Math Books Included: ←♦ Addition & Subtraction to 20♦ Counting On♦ Equal Sign understanding♦ Greater Than/Less Than♦ Missing Numbers in equations♦ Making 10♦ Base Ten to 100♦ Measurement♦ Sorting♦ Shapes♦ 10 more or less♦ Ordering by length♦ Telling time to hour and half hour♦ Fractions

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