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28 full-colour A4 pages

Suitable for Key Stage 2&3 students

Pre-reading activities help learners prepare for what they will read. It can engage students in predicting the characters, setting or action. By completing pre-reading tasks learners can also anticipate the kind of language, vocabulary, and even grammar they will find in the text. This kind of active preparation can improve students’ understanding by activating prior knowledge, at the same time generating interest and motivating them to read.

This resource is ideal as preparation for reading the novel.
Supported by a completed example with sample questions & answers, There are four front covers for students to practice inference and deduction, writing about what they think will happen in the novel.
Initially the focus is on exploring the shapes, sizes, colours, proximity and position of the images/things. For example on page 2, the size of the shovel (spade), it’s place above everything and how it is shown in detail.
Students should write about the effects on readers.
Ambitious students will want compare & contrast 2 front covers and include symbolism.

Can be used to record lesson study activities to consolidate learning & as an aide memoir for revision and knowledge consolidation.

Writing in-role activity

Critical thinking exercise

Visual mapping of the narrative

Imaginative, guided letter writing

Drawing an antagonist task

Knowledge retention tasks

Drama extension activity to do in class

Vocabulary support


The power of fate to determine events; the benefits of friendship; the destructive nature of cruelty; the importance of history in everyday life.

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Last Update: 15th June 2023
Released: 11th June 2023